2021 Projects: Public Interest Technology – Data Science Corps



Public Interest Technology – Data Science Corps
Projects – Summer 2021 

Brownsville Partnership (BP.ORG)

Using existing data to analyze home problems and their possible correlation with health problems in Brownsville, Brooklyn. 

  • Graduate Mentors: Victoria Cui & Andrew Davison
  • Interns: Alix Leon and Amanda Lopez

Bronx Council for Environmental Quality (BCEQ)

Using data science techniques to analyze and graphically represent the connections between the Bronx’s demographic and environmental conditions in order to identify environmental justice policies and help stakeholders and decision-makers make informed policy decisions for the Bronx.

  • Graduate Mentor: Zi Fang
  • Interns: Kayla Bernard, Gabriel Fernandez, Ashe Lewis, and Eusebia Vazquez

Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS)
Create an interactive map of NYC park spending across neighborhoods by zip code and per neighborhood

  • Graduate Mentor: Ellen Chen 
  • Interns: Matias Alvarez, Eric Aragundi, Nicki Camberg, and Henry Ovalle

Energy Management – Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS)

The housing project focuses on unsubsidized multi-family housing available on the private market in medium-density neighborhoods. We plan to create a new algorithm that can be updated periodically to adjust what is considered affordable.

  • Graduate Mentor: Amber Zhang 
  • Interns: Davar Archibald, Anthony Illescas, Kyle Neary, Catherine O’Brien

Science for New York (Sci4NY)
A look into inequalities in STEM programs in NYC public schools. Further analysis will be done on how they can be related to things such as teacher satisfaction with resources and testing scores

  • Graduate Mentor: Peter Kwuak 
  • Interns: Madeline Angelides, Bryan De Los Santos, Nathaniel Lowe, Goodness Martins

Science for New York (Sci4NY

Generating a systematic method of parsing and reorganizing NYC community district reports pdf documents or district profile websites along with an ultimate goal of visualizing science-related policies in NYC.

  • Graduate Mentor: Jen Wang 
  • Interns: Juan Alvarez, Simon Aytes, Blake Mills, Nixon McKenzie 

Program Leadership 

Faculty Advisors

  • Lawrence Fauntleroy, Lehman College 
  • Jennifer Laird, Lehman College
  • Wayne T. Lee, Columbia University 
  • David Rios, Columbia University 
  • Elin Waring, Lehman College
  • Tian Zheng, Columbia University

Graduate Mentoring Coaches:

  • Andrew Davidson
  • Owen Ward 

Program Coordinator : 

  • Zammy Diaz Lebron