Howard Levene Outstanding Teaching Award

The first Ph.D. graduate of the department was Howard Levene in 1947, who then became an ‘‘ever-lasting’’ member of the department

Taking place since 1999, The Department of Statistics recognizes excellence in teaching by graduate students by bestowing upon the students named below the Howard Levene Outstanding Teaching Award

2021: Alejandra Quintos Lima

2021: Long Zhao

2019: Miguel Angel Garrido Garcia

2018: Promit Ghosal

2017: Jonathan L. Auerbach

2016: Wenda Zhou

2015: Susanna Makela

2014: Jingjing Zou

2013: Richard Neuberg

2012: Michael R. Agne

2011: Kristen L. Gore

2010: Tony Sit

2009: Li Song

2008: Tyler H. McCormick and Ivor J. Cribben

2007: Johannes K.D. Ruf

2006: Rachel Schutt

2005: Lucy F. Robinson

2004: Gerado Hernandez-Del-Valle

2003: Kardaras Konstantinos

2002: Gerado Hernandez-Del-Valle

2001: Mona Zamfirescu

2000: Hui Wang

1999: Lise-Anne Putnam

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