Research Computing

Statistics’ HPC Clusters

The Department of Statistics shares two High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters: Ginsburg and Terremoto. 

Ginsburg went live in February 2021 and is a joint purchase by 33 research groups and departments. 139 nodes with a total of 4448 cores (32 cores per node). All servers are equipped with Dual Intel Xeon Gold 6226R processors (2.9 GHz). 

The Terremoto cluster was launched in December 2018. 137 nodes with a total of 3288 cores (24 cores per node) Dell C6420 nodes with dual Intel Xeon Gold 6126 Processor (2.6 GHz).

Accessing The Clusters

Tameek Henderson (, Sr. Research Systems Engineer

Click here to get started. For authorized user access, questions, training, and support contact Tameek Henderson, Sr. Research Systems Engineer.

For more information on computing, printing, and HPC FAQs, click here.