Congratulations to Bianca Dumitrascu on being named one of the recipients of the 2023 DSI Seed Funds Program.

The Data Science Institute’s Seed Funds Program supports new collaborations with the goal of developing longer-term and deeper interdisciplinary relationships among faculty at Columbia. Aimed at advancing research that combines data science with domain expertise, selected projects embody the spirit of DSI’s mission, and address the technical strengths needed to create more fair and ethical use of data.

For 2023, the Institute has selected five outstanding projects, reflecting solution-oriented approaches to issues in healthcare access and social inequalities; disease diagnosis and treatment; cybersecurity and public policy; and materials science and discovery. The awarded research teams will accelerate their projects over the course of the next year, with access to DSI’s extensive network of scientists, scholars, and technical experts.

Interventional Representation Learning for Intelligent Wound Healing Strategies
Yvon L. Woappi, Physiology & Cellular Biophysics, Dermatology, Columbia University Medical Center; and Biomedical Engineering, Columbia Engineering
Bianca Dumitrascu, Statistics, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; and Irving Institute for Cancer Dynamics (IICD)

The complex cellular events necessary to achieve mammalian tissue regeneration remain unknown. Our research pairs machine learning-powered gene target identification with high-throughput interventional functional genomics to pinpoint the causal genetic and molecular combinatorial changes necessary to promote wound regeneration.

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