Congratulations to Ye Tian on receiving the ICSDS student travel award.

The International Conference on Statistics and Data Science (ICSDS) award committee is pleased to announce that the following 10 PhD students are awarded 2022 ICSDS Student Travel Awards.

The selection is made from 53 applications based on the quality of their manuscripts in statistics and data science.

Please join us in congratulating these award recipients:

  1. Samantha Dean, Yale University, USA: Effective treatment allocation strategies conditional on individuals’ characteristics under partial interference in randomized experiments
  2. Bertille Follain, Ecole Normale Supérieure/INRIA Paris, France: High-dimensional changepoint estimation with heterogeneous missingness
  3. Arkaprabha Ganguli, Michigan State University, USA: Feature selection integrated deep learning for ultrahigh dimensional and highly correlated feature space
  4. Shimeng Huang, University of Copenhagen, Denmark: Supervised Learning and Model Analysis with Compositional Data
  5. Takuya Koriyama, Rutgers University, USA: Asymptotic Analysis of Parameter Estimation for Ewens–Pitman Partition
  6. Hanâ Lbath, University Grenoble Alpes, INRIA, France: Clustering-Based Intergroup Correlation Estimation
  7. Marcos Matabuena, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain: Kernel Biclustering algorithm in Hilbert Spaces
  8. Lorenzo Pacchiardi, University of Oxford, UK: Likelihood-Free Inference with Generative Neural Networks via Scoring Rule Minimization
  9. Javier Aguilar Romero, SimTech Stuttgart University, Germany: Intuitive Joint Priors for Bayesian Linear Multilevel Models: The R2-D2-M2 prior
  10. Ye Tian, Columbia University, USA: Unsupervised Multi-task and Transfer Learning on Gaussian Mixture Models.

Read more on the ICSDS travel award here.

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