2010 Minghui Yu Memorial Conference

The doctoral students in the Department of Statistics are pleased to announce the 2010 Minghui Yu Memorial Conference on Saturday, April 17th in the Faculty House on the Columbia University main campus. This event is in honor of Minghui Yu, a student in our department who passed away in a tragic accident two years ago.

The conference will feature talks by students in statistics, ranging from those just beginning a research program to those who are about to defend dissertations. In addition to being an occasion to remember our friend and colleague, this event will be an opportunity to learn about exciting new research areas emerging from our department.

This year we are pleased to have a keynote presentation by Professor J. Michael Steele from the Department of Statistics in the Wharton School at UPenn. (By the way, I highly recommend his advice for graduate students in statistics).

Contact Shawn Simpson [shawn-at-stat.columbia.edu] or Ekaterina Vinkovskaya [ekaterina-at-stat.columbia.edu] for questions about this event.

Thank you to the Department of Statistics and the Graduate Student Advisory Council for their generous support.