Columbia University Graduation

Columbia University Graduation

Filing for Graduation – Deadlines and Procedure

Students beginning their final semester should review the dates by which they are required to file for graduation

Filing for graduation involves filling out the PDF form called the Application for Degree or Certificate  that can be found on this  PAGE .  There are instructions on the form that let you know where to email it. 

NOTE:  The Registrar’s Office may not confirm that you have successfully filed for graduation until a month before the graduation date.   If you receive the auto-reply from the Registrar’s Office after submitting your form, you can be assured that the Registrar’s Office has received it and will eventually update your SSOL.  No further action is required on your part. 

If your SSOL has not been updated a few weeks before your graduation date, then please send questions to  Once your SSOL has been updated, you will be able to click on “Degree Application Status.”  Your graduation date should show in “Expected Graduation.”  The word “Submitted” should show in the Application Status Field. 

If you miss the deadline, apply as soon as possible.  Students must complete program requirements to graduate. 

Checking for Graduation Approval

Notification of graduation will be listed in SSOL:  SSOL > Academic Profile > Columbia Degrees and Specializations.  Students who complete their studies in December will have the following February as their official graduation date. 

Degrees are conferred on the:

  • Second Wednesday in February
  • Third Wednesday in May
  • Third Wednesday in October

Once graduated, the “Degree Application Status” will read “There Are No Programs on File” and the newly conferred degree will appear near the bottom of the Academic Profile in the box headed “Columbia Degrees and Specializations”.

It is the student’s responsibility to stay on track with graduation requirements, and to make sure their Faculty Adviser approves course selections prior to registering for each semester.  Schedules should be reviewed again if changes are made.


The Office of the University Registrar provides an Electronic Diploma to graduates.   Students without any outstanding holds automatically receive their electronic diploma 1-2 weeks after their degree conferral. They receive an email from Parchment, our digital vendor, with download instructions. For questions, please contact the Diplomas Team at

Paper diplomas for graduates will be mailed to the address on file in the “Diploma Address” section of the “Addresses:  View and Update” page in SSOL.  Diplomas are mailed within two months of the graduation date.  If there is no DP address on file, the diploma cannot be sent.  To pick up the diploma in 205 Kent Hall, the DP address should be:  “Hold for Pickup.”  An email is sent when the diplomas are ready for pick-up.  Questions should be sent to

Graduation Ceremonies in mid-May

Columbia holds its formal graduation ceremonies in May for all students.  MA Statistics students who graduate in the previous February or October may participate in the ceremonies in May.  The GSAS Convocation does not require individual tickets for family members to attend.  The Columbia Commencement limits the number of tickets.  Further information for students on participation in the ceremonies can be found HERE

Inviting Friends and Family (International Students)

Information on how to invite distant family and friends for Graduation is HERE.

Academic Certifications

If official proof of student enrollment is required by an employer or another entity, please visit the Office of the University Registrar in 204 Kent.  For academic certification, an official document provided by the University Registrar verifying your dates of attendance, award of degree, and/or student status (full-time or part-time) by semester please visit Office of the University Registrar: Certifications.  Current matriculated students can request enrollment certification via SSOL

Request for Transcripts

Inquiries for transcript requests should go to the Office of the Registrar –