• MA Statistics Program Requirements
  • Good Academic Standing
  • MA Statistics Program Requirements

    The MA Program may be completed full-time or part-time.  Students in F-1 status must complete the program full-time* and in three semesters maximum

    *Full-Time schedule: 

    • Fall (Year One) – RU – required
    • Spring (Year One) – RU – required
    • Students may opt to take summer courses
    • Fall (Year Two) – ER – Students may opt to take a third semester, but not a fourth. 

    Part-Time students are required to: 

    • Take a minimum of one course per semester,
    • Complete a minimum of two RUs (Residence Units), and
    • Finish the program within four years of the first semester of registration.

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    Good Academic Standing

    In order to maintain good standing in the program, a student must be making steady progress towards completing the degree and must maintain a 3.0 or better in the average of all the courses approved by the faculty adviser to count for graduation.  Please note that a course may not be re-taken to improve the grade. 

    A student must also maintain 3.0 or better cumulative GPA.  Per the GSAS website, “The cumulative GPA is derived from all courses in which a student has registered and received a grade, except in cases in which the student re-took a course after receiving an ‘F’.…

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