• On-Campus Program Requirements
  • Hybrid Program Requirements
  • Good Academic Standing
  • On-Campus Program Requirements

    The MA Program is a traditional on-campus program.  It may be completed full-time or part-time.  International students in F-1 status must complete the program on a full-time basis within three semesters only.

    • Fall (Year One) – RU
    • Spring (Year One) – RU
    • Students may opt to take summer courses
    • Fall (Year Two) – ER

    Part-time domestic students:

    • Are required to take a minimum of two courses per semester and
    • Complete a minimum of two RUs (Residence Units)
    • Finish the program within four years of the first semester of registration.

    There are evening and weekend courses/sections to accommodate students who work full-time.…

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    Hybrid Program Requirements

    M.A. in Statistics Hybrid Online/On-campus Program

    The Department of Statistics offers its M.A. program in a partially online format, offering students greater flexibility in completing the M.A. Degree.  The first semester (only) of the hybrid program is offered online.  The remaining courses are completed on campus, during which time the hybrid students are completely integrated into the resident program.

    • The degree requirements and the actual diploma/M.A. Degree rewarded are identical for both the hybrid online/on-campus program and the regular on-campus program.

    The full-time Hybrid Program must be completed within three semesters:

      • Fall (Year One – Four Online Courses) – RU
      • Spring (Year One – On Campus) – RU
      • Students may opt to take summer courses on campus.

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    Good Academic Standing

    In order to maintain good standing in the program, a student must be making steady progress towards completing the degree and must maintain a 3.0 or better in the average of all the courses that have been approved by the faculty adviser to count for graduation.

    A student must also maintain 3.0 or better cumulative GPA.  Per the GSAS website, “The cumulative GPA is derived from all courses in which a student has registered and received a grade, except in cases in which the student re-took a course after receiving an F. In such cases, the F received for the original iteration does not count toward the GPA.”…

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