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MA Peer Study Support

The Department of Statistics offers free academic support for any interested MA Statistics students. Detailed information and schedule can be found on the MA Peer Study Support page.

General Computer & Data Science Resources

Resources for R Programming

If you are looking to sharpen your programming skills we have listed below a number of resources that you might find helpful. Please be aware we do not monitor the quality of these resources, but we do hope that some of the information may be helpful to students.

Online Videos/Courses for R Programming

  • Computing for Data Analysis (Coursera): A 4-week, free online course that is about learning the fundamental computing skills necessary for effective data analysis. You will learn to program in R and to use R for reading data, writing functions, making informative graphs, and applying modern statistical methods.
  • Videos on Data Analysis with R: An introductory through advanced source of videos for the R student.
  • Try R (CodeSchool): A free, interactive, introductory course for R beginners.


Resources for Python

Online Videos/Courses for Python

Recommended Websites

  • Kaggle – hosts free problems for hundreds of universities around the globe. Engages students with an opportunity to apply machine learning to real problems.
  • Stack Overflow – community of programmers where you can ask questions and look for jobs.

Private Tutoring by Columbia Mathematics Graduate Students

There are Math graduate students that offer tutoring services on a private, one-on-one basis. They tend to have significant tutoring experiences and the hourly fees vary from student to student, depending on the number of hours needed and the topics to be covered. If you are interested in finding out more, please  review more information here. Please note that the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Statistics, and Columbia University bear no responsibility for the tutoring services, their content, or outcome.