Tuition for the Department of Statistics is determined by the Resident Unit that you register for along with the classes. Your resident unit category rather than individual classes will determine the tuition charge. For information about tuition, fees and other expenses, see the  Cost of Attendance webpage maintained by Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.  Here you will also find estimated living expenses and other University fees that students may incur which are not included in the cost of attendance.

Registration for an RU is the same process as for your classes and must occur every semester. Each has an affiliated Call Number per each Registration Category listed below:

Statistics On-campus RU Categories Call Number
Full Residence Unit (1 RU) less than or equal to 20 credits 99991
Extended Residence (ER) for students who have already completed a total of two Residence Units 77771
Half (1/2) Residence Unit (HR) three or fewer courses 99992
Quarter (1/4) Residence Unit (QR) two or fewer courses 99993

Tuition and Residence Units for International Students

International students on an F-1 visa must register for one Full Residence Unit during each of their first two semesters, and for an Extended Residence Unit in their third semester, even if they take fewer than four courses per semester. As this program typically takes 3 terms to complete, a visa-holding MA Statistics student registers for 2 RUs in the first two terms and then ER for all the terms until completion of the program. The rule is in the Extended Residence description  here.   International students are encouraged to see their ISSO adviser for any additional information. Therefore, all international students’ in this program should include:

  • Semester 1 – 1 RU
  • Semester 2 – 1 RU
  • Semester 3 – ER (Extended Residency)*

The MA degree requires students to register for a minimum of 2 Residence Units in addition to completing course requirements. *For those international students that take a summer course, you should register for Extended Residence (ER) if any of the classes you take will count towards the MA Statistics degree program.

Paying Your Student Account

Payment is due before the end of Change of Program period.  For more information about when and how to pay your bills, please view Bills & Payments Basics.  For your amount due and to view the current student account balance please visit:  Student Services Online (SSOL). For more comprehensive information about billing and payments or to learn about payment plans, please visit: Student Financial Services: Paying your Student Account. Quick links for Tuition and Fees in Graduate School of Arts and Sciences: