Required Courses

The 4 core required courses for the M.A. Statistics Degree are:

  • GR5203: Probability (3 points)
  • GR5204 Inference (3 points)

GR5203 and GR5204 are required to be taken sequentially in the first semester.

  • GR5205: Linear Regression Models (3 points) 
  • GR5291: Advanced Data Analysis (3 points) OR GR5242 Advanced Machine Learning* – Taken last semester of the program. Students may not take both capstones.

Core courses cannot be waived regardless of prior background.  For any course to count towards the MA Degree, it must be taken for a grade evaluation.  P/F is not acceptable. 

*Advanced Machine Learning requires successful completion of two pre-requisite courses: GR5206 Statistical Computation and GR5241 Machine Learning.