Required Courses

HERE is information about requirements for graduation. 

The 4 core required courses for the M.A. Statistics Degree are:

(1) GR5203:  Probability (3 points)

(2) GR5204:  Inference (3 points)

GR5203 and GR5204 are required to be taken sequentially in the first semester.

(3) GR5205: Linear Regression Models (3 points) 

(4) CAPSTONE COURSE:  All students must take at least one of the following two courses to graduate.   If both are taken, one will be counted as the capstone and the other as a statistics elective.   

  • GR5291 Advanced Data Analysis (3 points):  Taken in the second or last semester of the program. 
  • GR5242 Advanced Machine Learning (3 points) – GR5241 is the prerequisite for this course

Core courses cannot be waived regardless of prior background.  For any course to count towards the MA Degree, it must be taken for a grade evaluation.  P/F is not acceptable. 

In addition to the four core courses are six electives (three must be from the Statistics Department) to complete the ten course/30 credit minimum to graduate.