• Graduated from George Washington University, majoring in Statistics. 
  • Most helpful course in the MA Statistics Program:  Multivariate Statistical Inference.
  • Summer 2019: Analyst consultant at Entercom, running all the analytics for the NFL season. 
  • Part-time student. 

“The statistics program at Columbia is a fantastic opportunity to expand the understanding of proper statistical analysis, and to receive exposure to excellent  employment opportunities.  The more you put in, the more you will get out of it.”

Sample Coursework For a PhD Focus


  • Graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in Mathematics and minor in Statistics.
  • Most helpful course:  Statistical Machine Learning, if students want to pursue a career in Data Science.
  • Summer 2019:  Study deep learning and Python to enhance data science skill set, while working as an intern at Moodbit (startup that uses data science to provide human resourcing).  

“What I like most about our program is the power of alumni.  There are a lot of alumni who are working at great places and are willing to help.” 

Doune Dan

  • Graduated from Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea and majored in Applied Statistics.
  • Most helpful course in the MA Statistics Program:  Statistical Machine Learning.
  • Summer 2019 – Data scientist in San Jose, California. 
  • Part-time student. 

“I joined the MA Statistics program at Columbia to witness and learn for myself how statistics is applied and used in various business fields.” 

Sample Coursework for Data Science and Marketing Focus


  • Graduated from UC San Diego.
  • Most helpful course:  Statistical Machine Learning.
  • Summer 2019:  Internship at NextEra Florida Power and Light

“This MA program provides students with the unique opportunity to advance their careers through a huge support network of staff and peers and many career workshops/opportunities to meet employers.  All this happens while studying rigorous subjects at a prestigious university.  Students get the best of both worlds and will succeed if they have the drive to put in the time and effort.”

Sample Coursework For a Data Science Focus


  • Graduated from the University of Waterloo (CA) with a double-major in Mathematics/Financial Analysis & Risk Management and  Statistics.  
  • Most helpful courses: Intro to Data Science and Stochastic Methods for Finance.
  • Summer 2019:  Credit Risk Analyst under Retail Parameter Estimation at the Royal Bank Canada in the Toronto office.

“The M.A. Statistics Program at Columbia provides students with great flexibility. You can concentrate on your current specialization or explore other interesting options.  As a member of the Columbia Statistics Club, I have met with so many talented people providing new insights into their various industries.” 


  • Graduated from Purdue University as a MA/Stat major. 
  • Most helpful course:  EECS E6895  (Advanced Big Data Analytics) – A self-research class where partners work towards a big project and gain experience experimenting with different ideas, getting feedback from other teams.  Linsu and his partner built a facial feature detection website and picked up skills on using fastai, opencv, google cloud compute, and Flask.  It is highly recommended to take a Statistical machine learning course (GR 5241) before taking this. 
  • Summer 2019:  Intern at Graphen AI.

“Focus on building important skills on your own time, especially programming skills.  They are essential skills critical in this day and age.”

Sample Coursework for a Data Science Focus


  • Graduated from Virgina Tech with a double major in Math and Computational Modeling.
  • Most helpful course in the MA Statistics Program:  Applied Machine Learning in Finance
  • Summer 2019:  Intern at a blockchain company as a data scientist on their marketing team.

“The best part about the MA Statistics program is its flexible course structure and available resources, especially various job opportunities.  Some courses are designed to be difficult, but they provide a solid statistical foundation.” 

Sample Coursework for Data Science and Finance Focus


  • Graduated from the University of Notre Dam with degrees in Mathematics and IT Management, and spent two years teaching high school math in New Orleans. 
  • Most Helpful Course:  Nonparametric Statistics.
  • Summer 2019 Plans: Market Data & Insights Analytics Intern at IBM

“The MA Team provides ample opportunities to meet employers from every industry.  As important as your coursework, networking with those around you is just as important, along with figuring out how you will put your degree to use. The MA Team does a great job opening doors for the students in the program, allowing us to meet and speak to graduates of the program with industry experience, and exposing us to different paths.”


  • Graduated from The London School of Economics and Political Science. 
  • Most helpful courses: 
    • GR5206: Statistical Computing and Intro to Data Science is an excellent introductory course.  If you master it, you will have an  essential solid background for any other course that uses R. 
    • GR5241 is a challenging course that provides insight into what is going on in modern technologies-such as face recognition, search engines, data mining, voice recognition, and more. 
  • Summer 2019:  Take summer courses at Columbia to prepare for future studies and career. 
  • Hybrid Program (online/on-campus).

“I joined the statistics program at Columbia to further expand my knowledge in statistics, and to apply those principles in practical settings–while exploring all the exciting aspects of New York City!”  

Sailung David

  • Graduated from Boston University and double majored in Computer Science and Statistics. 
  • Most helpful courses in the MA Statistics Program: 
    • GR5262 Stochastic Process in Finance.
    • GR5380 Portfolio Asset Management.
  • Summer 2019:  Quantitative Analyst for Guzman Energy.

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” 

Sample Coursework for Data Science and Finance Focus

Khanh-Tung Nguyen-Ba (Keane)

  • Graduated from University of Iowa with degrees in Actuarial Science, Mathematics and Finance.  
  • Presently working at Numerix, a fintech company, as a financial engineer.  Previously in actuarial consulting at Milliman
  • Most helpful course:  Computational Statistics.
  • Summer 2019: Maintain my full-time job as a financial engineer, work on neural encoding with Prof Liam Paninski, and Kaggle hard if I have time.  
  • Part-time student. 

“I joined the program mostly for intellectual curiosity and career expansion, and I want to graduate with some research experience.  As a part-time student I can  pick and choose the right classes – thanks to the flexibility of the program.” 

Thuy Linh

  • Graduated from Bard College with a major in Mathematics.
  • Most helpful course in the MA Statistics Program:  Applied Data Science.
  • Summer 2019:  Taking summer classes and graduating in October 2019.

“What I have greatly enjoyed in the MA in the Statistics program is the wide selection of courses, both from the department and outside, multiple networking events, opportunities to meet with employers, and frequent workshops that substantially help in career planning and portfolio preparation.  I am also glad that I could work closely with the MA Team, who provided me with valuable advice and support throughout my studies.  I strongly encourage every student to reach out to them.”


  • Graduated from the University of Maryland with a major in Mathematics and minor in Computer Science. 
  • Most helpful course:  GR5206 Statistical Computing and Intro to Data Science – an excellent introductory course in data science. 
  • Summer 2019:  Data science intern at Protective Life Corp in Birmingham, AL

“The MA program is flexible according to a student’s area of interest.  It allows for a number of elective courses to be taken inside and outside the Department. What I learned during my first year was, apart from focusing on studies and getting good grades, it is equally important to attend many networking events and to follow up on conversations with employers.  This is a great way to learn from those experienced in the field.  The Department of Statistics also offers workshops on ML/DL conducted by Columbia alumni which I have found very useful.”

Sample Coursework for Data Science Focus

Yicheng Ethan

  • Graduated from the University of Toronto where he specialized in finance and economics.  Yicheng has also worked as a Risk Analyst at TD Securities where he researched and managed counterparty credit risk exposures for the bank after graduation. 
  • Most helpful course in the MA Statistics Program:  Linear Regression.
  • Summer 2019: Data Science/Data Analytics Intern for SF Technology, subsidiary of SF Express Group – a delivery services company based in China. 
  • Hybrid Program (online/on-campus). 

“I really enjoy how the program combines theoretical knowledge with real-life problem solving skills.  The wide selection of electives allows the student to focus on the field that  best aligns with his career interest.  Having the opportunity to study from the top professors and in the city of New York is also a great advantage.” 

Yichuan Roy

  • Graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a major in Mathematics. 
  • Most helpful course:  STAT 5206 Introduction to Data Science. 
  • Summer 2019:  Quantitative Analyst at Rebellion Research
  • Hybrid Program (online/on-campus) and a part-time student.

“I joined the MA statistics Program at Columbia University to improve my skills while studying at a prestigious institution.  It also allows me to specialize in both the field of finance and data science.  Additionally, New York City is a great place to live.” 


  • Yuki worked in the department of risk management at SMFL Capital Co., Ltd.
  • Most helpful course:  GR5224 Bayesian Statistics.  This course offers clear, theoretical instruction and provides many problem sets in R which builds a  concrete understanding of Bayesian Statistics.  It begins with a basic Poisson model to hierarchical model.  
  • Summer 2019:  Since I have work experience, I want to take more Columbia courses in summer sessions to improve my statistical knowledge.  I will take time series analysis and modern analysis I and II.  Also, I’m joining the Joint Statistical Meeting in Denver at the end of July. I’m excited about what opportunities are waiting for me! 
  • Hybrid Program (online/on-campus). 

“Join the Columbia Statistics Club (CSC) and offer something to students. What I learned from my four years work experience is that a job is not provided from someone else, but is something you must search and create on your own.  At Columbia, I discovered that while many of my fellow students were focused on statistical analysis by R and Python, they needed help with data handling, so I offered an SQL Workshop.  I learned a great deal from making teaching material from scratch and organizing the workshop with members in the CSC.” 


  • Graduated from the University of Toronto with a major in Financial Economics.
  • Most helpful course in the MA Statistics Program:  Time Series Analysis.
  • Summer 2019:  Intern with a securities company as a derivative analyst in Shanghai and learn Python online. 

“The courses of the program are exhaustive and intense. Also, the department’s Career Development Team is excellent!  The team creates opportunities for students to meet with and learn from alumni, employers, and professionals in different industries.  I found my next position from talking with an alumnus of the MA Program.”