Yuki Kitayama

Quantitative Analyst, Guzman Energy



Graduation: 2020
Current Title:Quantitative Analyst, Guzman Energy

Career Highlights:

“At Guzman Energy, I use Python to analyze data and develop machine models (with automation tools to quantitatively support traders) to forecast electricity demand and wind generation. Before joining the program, I worked in risk management in the lease industry in Tokyo, Japan, and used SAS to analyze credit and market risk. I developed regression models to predict used car prices for auto lease and built default probability models for equipment finance.

I wanted to study as much as I could, so I registered for the summer semester to take real analysis and deep learning classes. I joined the Columbia Statistics Club, taught MySQL syntax to students and I was able to work on group projects with friends I met in the club. I enjoyed my Statistical and Advanced Machine Learning courses and these subjects are useful in my current job. “

Yiran Jiang

Graduation: 2018

“I am a second year PhD student in Statistics at Purdue University. I received my Bachelors degree in Economics at Fudan University and Masters degree in Statistics at Columbia. I took 15 courses during my MA study, most of them are from the Department of Statistics. These courses helped me build concepts in Statistics and allowed me to continue my study in PhD level courses.”

Graduation: 2018

“I am currently a second-year PhD student at the department of statistics at Rutgers University. While at Columbia, I was part of Professor Arian Maleki’s group. My research interests are machine learning (theoretical aspect), graph-based models and high-dimensional statistics.”

Yanjin Li

Graduation: 2017

“I am a first-year mathematical informatics PhD student at the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology at the Yamanishi Lab researching model-change detection in online advertising platforms. Studying applied data science taught me how important it was to improve my programming skills. My statistical inference courses gave me a solid theoretical foundation, especially when inventing new algorithms and frameworks, and my machine learning courses gave me an understanding of machine-learning algorithms and their relationships. These are three very essential areas to master in order to become a successful data and/or algorithm scientist.”

Ye Yue

Graduation: 2018

“I am a second year PhD student in Biostatistics at Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University. I really enjoyed student life at Columbia. First, many courses provided me opportunities to do projects which are very useful for applying for a PhD program. Besides cutting-edge knowledge, I think I got a lot of help from professors and staff during my study and application period. They gave me detailed advice, helped me on recommendation letters and revised my CV. Furthermore, every time when I need help, they would assign a meeting and talk with me face to face. These are all very helpful and heartwarming.”

Lin Yu

Graduation: 2014

“I am currently a Research Engineer at Verizon Media where I am responsible for identifying business trends and discovering information hidden in vast amounts of data, and working closely with the business team to develop and improve new product features. My daily work typically includes creating various machine learning-based tools, conducting end-to-end testing to deliver better products, performing statistical analysis, and doing ad-hoc analysis and presenting results in a clear manner. After completing my MA at Columbia, I joined North Carolina State’s statistics department where I obtained my PhD. My experience in the MA program provided me with a solid foundation in research and methodology. The faculty supported my interests and guided me through the program and after.”



Alexandra DeKinder

Data Analyst, Columbia Care



Graduation: 2020
Current Title: Data Analyst, Columbia Care

Career Highlights:

“I am currently working as a data analyst for the medical marijuana company Columbia Care based in New York City. As the only data analyst at the company, I am responsible for working with the Chief Data Officer on maintaining current database quality and assisting in the transition to a AWS cloud based data system. I also consult on new analytics tools proposed for company wide use and generate data visualizations for scientific, marketing, and sales teams across the company. I work with internal and external researchers on various projects managing data, choosing appropriate statistical methods, and implementing those methods.

Without the broad statistical foundation I developed during my time at Columbia, as well as the comprehensive professional training and support from the career staff, I would not have the array of skills necessary to be successful at a young company.”

Feihan Lu

Data Scientist, Upstart



Graduation: MA’09, PhD’18
Current Title: Data Scientist, Upstart

Career Highlights:

Proposes, trains and deploys machine learning models using tera-bites of data to optimize conversion and profit for a range of funnels; Envisions emerging business opportunities and develops modeling frameworks and campaign strategies to address them; Improves infrastructures including data and modeling pipelines in order to productionize and deploy models at scale; Works with Growth, Engineering and Compliance. .

“Columbia Statistics programs provide me great opportunities to learn cutting-edge technologies, build networks and prepare me for my career growth.”

Paul Coletti

Senior Analyst, IBM



Graduation: 2020
Current Title: Senior Analyst, IBM

Career Highlights:

Graduated with a BS in Mathematics and a BBA in IT Management from the University of Notre Dame Taught high school math for two years in New Orleans, Louisiana prior to entering the MA program, earning an M.Ed. in the process Born and raised in New Jersey Loves the MLB, college basketball and football, and crossword puzzles

“There are many great benefits for students in the MA program. It’s a quick program so it’s important that students are motivated and take initiative to make the most of all the opportunities. It’s quite worth it to put in the effort!”


Chang Qu

Product Analyst, Audible



Graduation: 2020
Current Title: Product Analyst, Audible

Career Highlights:

“I am currently working as a product analyst at Audible. My main responsibility is leveraging data knowledge to help my stakeholders better understand the business. Previously, I was a data science intern at Moodbit, which is a startup that leverages machine learning and data analytics for better HR.

Columbia M.A. in Statistics program prepared me well for future work. I would not be the person I am today without the experience acquired at Columbia University.”

Jennifer Liet Lieu

Associate Data Scientist, NextEra Energy Resources



Graduation: 2020
Current Title: Associate Data Scientist, NextEra Energy Resources

Career Highlights:

-Created an anomaly detection algorithm using machine learning and non parametric statistics techniques that detect anomaly dermatology physicians, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly. -Managed and deployed thermal imaging project at 23 different plant sites to scan incoming plant workers to stop the spread of COVID-19 using AWS resources and Go. -Developed, trained, and deployed anomaly detection algorithm using machine learning techniques to improve the Data Quality process in efforts to bring Data Collection and Analysis software in house, saving the company millions of dollars per year.

“Columbia’s MA Statistics program helped me develop the technical and professional skills that helped me obtain a job in the country’s leading renewable energy company. Through the skills in Machine Learning and Statistics, I am not only living my dream as a Data Scientist, but also saving the world at a company that believes in clean energy and doing the right thing.”

Meichen Zhou

Analytics Manager, Epsilon



Graduation: 2015
Current Title: Analytics Manager, Epsilon

Career Highlights:

Meichen is currently an Analytics Manager in the Analytic Consulting Group at Epsilon. She works on bringing data-driven marketing and loyalty solutions to brands in connection with people in both the virtual and physical worlds. She supports development of the Consumer Insight Engine by applying machine learning algorithms and data engineering methodology. Her recent focus is creation and maintenance of automation processes for production scoring, ad hoc analysis and campaign measurement reporting for financial services clients.

“It was an incredible journey to have joined the Statistics Program at Columbia University, that equipped me with solid knowledge and friends for life. I loved every second of it!” 

Jiong Chen

Jiong Chen

Data Science Manager, CVS Health

Graduation: 2015
Current Title: Data Science Manager, CVS Health

Career Highlights:

  • Designed and developed personalized product recommendation engine
  • Developed propensity model, uplift model and response model to accurately target customers for different campaigns
  • Led data engineers to implement and productionalize machine learning and statistical models

“The statistics program not only offers a rigorous academic training for statistical and machine learning theory but also a great opportunity to meet and network with intellectual minds.”

Youzhu Liu

Senior Analyst, Citi

Graduation: 2016
Current title: Senior Analyst, Citi

Career Highlights:

  • Delivered PNL analysis, forecasting, customer segmentation and other deep business analysis in Citi Credit Card Existing Customer Management Programs using R/SAS/SQL
  • Collaborated with modeling, marketing and risk team in Citi Personal Installment Loan program: responsible for designing tests, optimizing targets, tracking program performance and providing business insights to help in decision making process.
  • Created data visualization and KPI tracking in collaboration with project teams.

“Columbia University Stats program helped me gain more academic knowledge, introduced me to lots of intellectuals and kept me updated with different cultures. It gave me many opportunities in the early stage of my career.”

Frank Lu

General Manager, Changjiang Futures, Shanghai

Graduation 2014
Current title: General manager of options and structural finance, Changjiang Futures, Shanghai

Career highlights:

  • Algorithmic trading equities and equity derivatives in NYC.
  • Option market making in commodities options in Chicago.
  • Both exchange and OTC option business in Shanghai.

“It was my great pleasure to graduate from the MA Statistics program, where I learned practical Statistics knowledge, enhanced various skills and met inspiring minds.”

Dennis Lyubyvy, Algorithm Engineer, Afiniti

Dennis Lyubyvy

Algorithm Engineer, Afiniti

Graduation: May 2015
Current title: Algorithm Engineer, Afiniti

Career highlights:

  • Developed models that recognize patterns in call center agents performance and optimize sales and customer satisfaction
  • Build set of interactive data visualization tools using R Shiny technology
  • Launched my own company at the age of 24; my current position allows me to combine my knowledge of statistics and data science with prior business experience

“The MA program in Statistics at Columbia offers a wealth of opportunities for anyone who is willing to build a career in data science.”

Jundong He, Product Manager, Tourico Holidays

Jundong He

Product Manager, Tourico Holidays

Graduation: 2015
Current Title: Product manager, Tourico Holidays

Career highlights:

  • Intern at IZP Technology building the new F2C E-Commerce platform “Yiwu Global” 
  • Partner of ISOWAVE engaging in the Asian Carp project
  • Product manager at Tourico Holidays, managing more than 200 Hotel profiles in SW China

“Columbia’s life gave me the chance to go places and become a person I’d never dreamed I’d be.”

Jiun Kim, Data Scientist at Audible

Jiun Kim

Data Scientist at Audible

Graduation: 2014
Current title: Data Scientist at Audible, an Amazon company

Career highlights: Jiun is currently a data scientist at Audible. With a vast amount of data, my days are filled with designing, developing, and evaluating predictive models for interesting research topics. Previously she worked as a statistical consultant at the United Nations. There, she developed statistical/econometrics models, of which are published, to predict uncertainties such as disaster risk and unemployment rates, and understand the statistical inferences of these impacts on human behavior and socioeconomic segmentation. She also worked for a financial firm in London and government offices in Korea.

“Statistics M.A. program at Columbia equipped me with not only statistical knowledge and programming skills but also strategic and critical thinking. Most importantly, friendship and social network with brilliant and inspiring minds.”

Timothy Haley, Associate, JP Morgan

Timothy Haley

Vice President, JP Morgan

Graduation: 2014
Current title: Vice President, JP Morgan

Career highlights: 

  • Promoted to Manager at Fox Cable Networks and most recently to Vice President at J.P. Morgan
  • Developed statistical models and a modeling codebase for Asset & Wealth Management at J.P. Morgan
  • Developed statistical models for MEC (a GroupM company), and presented analyses to clients

 “The M.A. in Statistics program at Columbia challenged me intellectually and provided me with the core skills necessary to obtain, and succeed at, my current and previous jobs in statistical modeling.”


Hao Hu

Staff Data Science Expert at DiDiChuXing

Graduation: 2013
Current tile: Staff Data Science Expert, DiDiChuXing
Career highlights:
  • ​​Currently leading a team of data scientists at DiDiChuXing, the world’s largest ride hailing online platform, to evaluate margins of supply and demand, pricing efficiency, and ROI of market campaign, using statistics and econometrics models and incentive and micro-economics theory.
  • Pre​​viously worked as an Algorithm Engineer Manager at Meituan, leading an algorithm engineers’ team to develop cutting-edge Machine Learning or statistical learning algorithms to estimate real-time ETA and do counterfactual analysis.
  • I have deep knowledge of multisided-platform theory, machine learning techniques and management, pricing mechanisms, and data visualization. ​​

“The M.A. program at Columbia prepared me with theoretical tools to tackle industrial problems. Many international students were merely good at recitation rather than a heartfelt feeling of theories and their applications until they got the intense and intuitive training here at Columbia University. The program really gives its graduates a competitive edge in the quant industry.”


Eric Feder

Director, Data Science 2U

Graduation: 2013
Current title: Director, Data Science, 2U

Career highlights: 

  • Got to live out one of my dreams and work for a Major League Baseball team when I interned for the New York Yankees as statistical analyst for a year.
  • While working at TheLadders, I had the privilege of mentoring a summer intern. I felt tremendous satisfaction from seeing him learn and grow, and loved passing some of my knowledge and experience on to him.
  • After working with product managers and software engineers on a new website feature for many months, it felt great to finally roll it out to our users and to see how much it improved their experience.

“At Columbia, I learned both the theories and the practical skills that I needed to find a great job and start contributing immediately, and which I continue to use me to this day.”


Eric Novik, Co-founder, CEO, Stan Group Inc.

Eric Novik

Co-founder, CEO, Stan Group Inc.

Graduation: 2012
Current title: Co-founder, CEO, Stan Group Inc.
Program: Part-time

Career highlights: 

  • In 2010, while working on my MA in Statistics degree I started Risktail, Inc., an options analytics startup for retail traders. 
  • Spent two years as a VP in the Barclays Equity Derivatives Technology group.
  • More recently, I was a Data Scientist at TIBCO Spotfire.
At Columbia, “besides learning a lot about Statistics and the R language, I have met some great people who have become friends over the years.”


Takayoshi WiEsner

Executive Director, Head of Strats in Global Capital Markets at Morgan Stanley

Graduation: 2008 (QMSS), 2011 (Statistics)
Current Title: Executive Director, Head of Strats in Global Capital Markets at Morgan Stanley

Career highlights:

  • Currently leading a team of quants to help institutional clients raise capital, provide advisory services and develop sophistical pricing models and predictive models.
  • Previously worked as a credit portfolio risk manager and analyzed multi-billion dollar investment/trading portfolios that were composed of complex securities and derivatives.
  • Worked as a research assistant for Andrew Nathan, Chair of Political Science Department at Columbia, while in the program. The research became the basis of his book, How East Asian Views Democracy.

“As Statistics is one of the most versatile and hottest disciplines today, it also plays an expansive role beyond the traditional domain of mathematical science at Columbia. The M.A. programs provide numerous opportunities to learn the application of statistical techniques and concepts in interdisciplinary fields varying from data science and social sciences to finance and actuary so that a student’s educational experience can be tailor-made for his or her career goal. Since Columbia is one of very few academic institutions that excel in all the aforementioned fields, such cross-department learning experiences are intellectually stimulating and rewarding even to the traditional students of statistics.”

Long Wei, Assistant professor of Economics, Tulane University

Long Wei

Assistant professor of Economics, Tulane University

Graduation: 2010
Current title: Assistant Professor of Economics at Tulane University

Career highlights: 

  • Concentration on econometrics and time series.
  • Publication in the Journal of Econometrics, the top journal in econometrics.
  • Several other publications on peer reviewed journals such as Economics Letters and Empirical Economics.
The MA in Statistics program at Columbia is “a well-organized program which inspires to understand the world in a more insightful and rational way…The M.A. program from the Department of Statistics in Columbia helped me to build up both statistical modeling and R coding skills. It also inspired me to pursue higher degree in economics and choose econometrics as my main field.”

David Lee, Senior Vice President, Chief Data Officer, Medidata Solutions

David Lee

Senior Vice President, Chief Data Officer, Medidata Solutions

Graduation: 2004
Current Title: Senior vice president, chief data officer, Medidata Solutions

Career highlights: 

  • As Chief Data Officer at Medidata Solutions, David provides vision and leadership for all Medidata initiatives related to data management, innovative analytics, and related business development.
  • Previously, David was VP of the Science division at AIG, where his team developed proprietary predictive models for insurance markets.
  • David is the recipient of the 2012 SAS Enterprise Excellence Award

Jonathan Steinberg, Manager, Data Analaysis and Computational Research, Educational Testing Services

Jonathan Steinberg

Manager, Data Analysis and Computational Research, Educational Testing Service

Graduation: 2003
Current title: Manager, Data Analysis and Computational Research, Educational Testing Service
Program: Part-time

Career highlights: 

  • Dissemination of research in multiple journal articles, research reports, and conference presentations
  • Participation in multi-year research projects funded by federal education agencies
  • Mentoring of fellow co-workers and graduate students pursuing careers in education

“The M.A. program enabled me to improve my statistical knowledge and programming skills as well as better prepare me for my future career development”.

Sharona Sankar-King

Graduation: 1998
Current title: EVP, Bain & Co.

Career highlights: 

  • Joined BBDO New York in September 2016 in the newly created role of EVP, Head of Marketing Science with the goal to deepen and expand BBDO New York’s data and analytic capabilities.
  • Sharona experience includes working with clients and products in telecommunications, retail, travel, financial services, healthcare, pharma, automotive, packaged goods, eCommerce, energy, technology and more.
  • Was Managing Partner, North America Practice Lead of Digital & Advanced Analytics, at MEC where her extensive experience in developing and productizing strategic analytic solutions for top tier clients allowed her to develop MEC’s digital attribution platform. 

“The M.A. program at Columbia prepared me for the real application of advanced analytics, which gave me the foundation for my career.”

Deepika Namboothiri

Graduation: 2019
Current title: Marketing science analyst, TBWA/Annalect


  • Attended University of Pune and majored in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Interned with Harman International as a marketing analyst on the consumer insights team in the summer of 2018.

“The best part about the MA Statistics program is the multitude of resources that are available. Professors constantly challenge you to achieve more while you enjoy the learning process. My faculty advisers have been helpful in directing me to courses that are aligned with my career goals.”

Scott Szatkowski

Graduation: 2019
Current title: Electronic Trading Analyst, Citadel
Program: Hybrid 


  • Attended the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology and was a double major in Physics and Optical Engineering and a Math minor.
  • Worked at DRW, a Chicago-based trading firm on a small risk management team in the summer of 2018. The work involved traditional and alternative asset evaluation.

“The MA Statistics program has given me the opportunity to meet with great employers. I also value the project implementations I’ve been able to work on in classes such as Linear Regression, Machine Learning, and Hedge Fund Strategies and Risk.”

Leo Lam

Graduation: 2019
Current title: Data scientist, KPMG


  • Graduated with a double major in Biochemistry and Mathematics from Rutgers University.
  • Interested in the application of statistical methods to optimize clinical research trials through the use of  public health data.
  • Enjoys driving and singing karaoke. 

“Columbia holds many mock interviews, career fairs, and info sessions throughout the semester, which provided me with a lot of practice in speaking with experts among different fields. These experiences have broadened my views of my future career path and have given me more confidence in building professional relationships with employers as well as alumni.”

Kalabe Haile

Kalabe Haile

Graduation: 2019
Current title: Machine Learning Consultant, Protiviti


  • Graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.
  • Loves to spend his free time exploring the arts including sketching and painting.
  • Loves to visit museums and shows throughout NYC.

Yang Lyu

Yang Lyu

Graduation: 2019
Current title: Analytics Consultant, CVS Health


  • Studied Actuarial Science and Statistics at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

“The MA Statistics program includes many networking and job hunting events which help in terms of the job search. Also, there’s a large range of courses to choose from.”

Jenna Weinstein

Jenna Weinstein

Graduation: 2019
Current title: Data Scientist, Scholastic


  • Graduated from Tufts University with a BS in Mathematics and Political Science.
  • Spent a summer doing quantitative analysis for the Los Angeles Angels (who are actually in Anaheim, CA)
  • Born and raised in NY, but  still loves exploring the city. 

 “The Director of Career Development brings in every possible employer to meet with the Statistics MA students in a rather small, intimate setting, which you don’t often get with employers.”

Davin Kaing

Davin Kaing

Graduation: 2019
Current title: Data Scientist, IBM


  • Completed undergraduate studies in Bioengineering at the University of the Pacific, and got a Master’s Degree in Data Science at George Washington University.
  • Worked part-time as a Data Scientist for a quantum computing/analytics start-up (QxBranch) and consulting for another health analytics start-up (AlignCare Services).
  • Loves to play the classical guitar, travels and enjoys hiking.
  • Born and raised in Cambodia, he grew up in California.

“The program is rigorous, intellectually stimulating, and filled with highly motivated students. Its position in one of the best cities in the world also exposes us to the diverse cultures and many opportunities.”

Anshuma Chandak

Anshuma Chandak

Graduation: 2019
Current title: AI research scientist, Accenture


  • Worked for IBM in India before joining Columbia. Her most significant learning at IBM was how artificial intelligence is poised to reshape the landscape of statistical analysis, and this makes it is an incredible time to be a statistician.
  • Interested in History, and loves to read autobiographies and historical accounts.
  • Is trained in the Indian classical dance form, Bharatnatyam and enjoys theater.

“Machine Learning isn’t just a buzz word anymore, it is here to stay!  And this program provides a strong foundation in Statistics, which aids in understanding the nitty-gritty of Machine Learning. Additionally, the program is very flexible in terms of course choices. One can easily cross register in other departments including, computer science, electrical engineering, business school and more.”

Oded Lowenstein


Graduation: 2019
Current title: Data Scientist, Cognovi Labs
Program: Hybrid


  • Attended Tel Aviv University and was a double-major in Accounting and Economics

“One of the best aspects about this program is the broad selection of electives in various areas of interest. For example, I have been able to deepen my knowledge in finance, while learning new and innovative machine learning methods through the data science sequence. Being located in NYC and having industry leading professors is an unparalleled advantage.  Also, the program’s career counseling and guidance, including resume and cover letters workshops, meetings with employers and the personal and professional care given to each student has been far beyond my expectations.”


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