The Virtual MA Help Room Will Resume September 2021

The Department of Statistics is pleased to offer a HELP ROOM service for any interested MA Statistics students. 

The purpose of the Help Room is to supplement TA and faculty office hours with tutoring by alumni of statistics or related subjects. 

Please note, for advanced classes, particularly in machine learning and mathematical finance, tutors cannot assist with course-specific homework problems.  Such questions will be relegated to office hours of the respective TA’s at the tutor’s discretion. 
The Zoom links are HERE along with the link to a form.  The form is to collect feedback in order to improve the Help Room.   

Schedule Spring 2021

For maximum benefit from a Help Room tutoring session, it is advised that students contact the tutor in advance via email and include:

  • Contact the tutor in advance via email
  • Include their questions in the email
  • Indicate the time they will be able to drop in during the tutoring hours.  

Help Room – Spring 2021

Yuqing Chen

  • Best Classes:  Probability, Inference.
  • Can also help with:  Linear Regression, Statistical Computing and Machine Learning. 
  • Email:

Dingyi Fang

  • Best Classes:  Probability, Inference, Applied Data Science. 
  • Can also help with:  Statistical Finance.
  • Email:

Yingqi Gao

  • Best Classes:  All the core classes, Intro Modern Analysis I & II (Math 4061/2).
  • Additional Skills:  R, causal inference, applications to Ph.D. programs.
  • Email:

Guoying Li

  • Best Classes:  All the core classes. 
  • Additional Skills:  Intro to the Math of Finance, Capital Markets and Investments.
  • Email:

Jia (Stephen) Li

  • Best Classes:  Probability, Statistical Computing. 
  • Can also help with:  R
  • Email:

Yue (Sabina) Liang

  • Best Classes:  Probability, Statistical Inference, Linear Regression, Statistical Machine Learning, Advanced Machine Learning, Applied Data Science, Intro to Tensorflow with Python.
  • Additional Skill Sets:  Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Visualization, Quant Development.
  • Email:


Hankun Shi

  • Best Classes:  Probability, Statistical Inference, Linear Regression, Statistical Computing.
  • Additional Skills:  Programming and data analysis with Python, R, and SQL (structred query language). 
  • Email:

Jian Su

  • Best classes:   GR5207(Elementary Stochastic Processes), 5291 (Advanced Data Analysis) 
  • Can also help with:  Sports Statistics
  • Email:


Yiwei Yan

  • Best Classes:  All the Core Classes
  • Can also help with:  GR5222 Nonparametric Statistics
  • Email:


Ziyou Yuan

  • Best Classes:  Statistical Methods in Finance (5261), Statistical Machine Learning, Math of Finance (5010). 
  • Can also help with:  Capital markets, market risk and credit, counterparty risk analysis
  • Email:

Yubo Zhuang

  • Best Classes:  Probability, Inference, Stochastic Processes
  • Can also help with:  R
  • Email: