Errata remaining in the second printing of the book, "Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models":


First, here are the errata which could be confusing:

When you load the "arm" package into R, it automatically sets the rounding to 2 digits. This is not an error, but people aren't always aware of it. If you want more digits, just type "options(digits=4)", for example, in the R console.

Page 103: We write "$u = u^{(1)}$" and "$u^{(0})$" but don't refer to them again. Instead we refer to $u^{(lo)}$ and $u^{(hi)}$.

Page 119: The first equation (Pr(y>1)) should say X\beta - c_1 in parentheses.

Page 122, model 6.13: The second line should read z_i \in (c_{1|2}, c_{2|3}) instead of z_i \in (0, c_{2|3})

Page 130: In the caption of Figure 6.8 and following the second bullet point, "b_i + c x" should read "b_i + c_i x".

Page 139: In the final batch of R code, the "rnorm (10," calls should be "rnorm (n.adults,"

Page 149: In the second line of the caption to Figure 7.6, the second "beta_0" should be "beta_1".

Page 220: In paragraph following equation (10.4), "t_i" should read "T_i".

Page 255: line 7 "solid" and line 8 "dashed" should be transposed.

Page 308: the first section of R code starts with "L<-ncol(census)". It should be nrow, not ncol.

Page 317: this is technically right, but psychometricians tend to use the terms "two-parameter logistic model" to refer to the formula in 14.13, thus ignoring the "ability" parameter, and use the terms "three-parameter logistic model" when they include an additional parameter for the "chance" of guessing.

Page 378: In R code, "data <-" should be " <-", "inits" should be "radon.inits <-", and "parameters" should be "radon.parameters <-"

Page 425, line 14 from bottom: "b.v.prev <- xi.state*b.v.prev" should be "b.v.prev <- xi.state*b.v.prev.raw"

Page 426, lines 9 and 10 from bottom: "b.hat.raw[j] <- b.0.raw + d.raw*x[j]" should be something like "a.hat.raw[j] <- a.0.raw + d.raw*x[j]" and be put in the justices loop (j in 1:J) instead of the roll call loop (k in 1:K). Also some minor tweaking necessary to make the rest of the code consistent with these changes.


Now, here are the errata which aren't important but we'll fix for the next printing

Page 60: Between Figures 4.3 and 4.4 the following words appear by mistake: "scatterplot!data and regression lines superimposed". I don't think they should be there.

Page 91 in the section titled "Comparing the coefficient estimates when adding a parameter": the first sentence says (in part) "The coefficient ... changes from -0.62 ... to 0.90 ...". The latter number should be "-0.90"?

Page 97, "One of the forty binned residuals in Figure 5.13b falls outside the bounds ...": Actually, two fall outside the bounds.

Page 118: Figure 6.2 shows the logistic density, not the normal density as claimed.

Page 209: In the paragraph headed "Matched pairs?", "created" should read "create" in "it does not necessarily created".

Page 241: In the second paragraph, "(along with $\alpha$, $\beta$, and $a$)" should have $\gamma$ in place of $a$.


We thank Neal Beck, Mark Fisher, Karissa Johnston, Eduardo Leoni, Antonio Saade, Peter Steiner, and Aaron Strauss for finding some of these.

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