Student Seminar Series – Fall 2017

Schedule for Fall 2017


Seminars are on Wednesdays
Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Location: Room 1025, 1255 Amsterdam Avenue
Contacts: Jonathan Auerbach

Information for speakers: For information about schedule, direction, equipment, reimbursement and hotel, please click here.


Florian Stebegg


Shuaiwen Wang and Jing Wu

Summer internships

9/20/17 Imad Ali “Building on Academic Websites”

Prof. Bodhisattva Sen

We consider estimation and inference in a two component mixture model where the distribution of one component is completely unknown. We develop methods for estimating the mixing proportion and the unknown distribution nonparametrically, given i.i.d. data from the mixture model. We use ideas from shape restricted function estimation and develop “tuning parameter free” estimators that are easily implementable and have good finite sample performance. We establish the consistency of our procedures. Distribution-free finite sample lower confidence bounds are developed for the mixing proportion.

10/4/17  Prof. Cindy Rush
10/11/17  Prof. Shaw-Hwa Lo and Yayun Hsun
10/18/17  Prof. Michael Sobel and Feihan Lu

 Guy Sella

Introduction to Systems Biology

11/1/18  Prof. Richard Davis and Phyllis Wan
11/8/17  Prof. Andrew Gelman and Yuling Yao
11/15/17  Two Sigma