• The Statistics M.A. Program does not offer CPT (Curricular Practical Training). 
  • The Statistics M.A. Program does offer OPT and Pre-OPT. 
  • For international students in their 2nd semester who would like to engage in summer employment, HERE is where you will find that information via the ISSO Website.

**For additional guidelines read HERE.  

Unpaid Internship – GR5292

  • Is open to MA Statistics students only.
  • Is not open to students in their first semester.
  • Shall not interfere with normal academic progress.
  • Is intended to last for one semester only. 
  • Is graded Pass/Fail. 
  • Earns 0 Points (credits).
  • Is not counted toward the M.A. Degree requirement. 
  • Requires a letter from the employer at the completion of the internship/semester (see below).
  • Requires approval by the Program Director at the beginning of the semester.  The Faculty Adviser’s approval is not required.   


  • The student finds an unpaid internship opportunity that involves statistical applications and provides an experience that complements the academic courses in the MA Statistics program.
  • The unpaid internship must be approved by the Program Director.
  • The student should register online via SSOL during the first two weeks of registration. Before the add/drop period has passed, register for the course on a Pass/Fail basis.
  • At the end of the semester, marked by the end of final exams, the students must bring a letter from the sponsoring institution where they carried out the internship indicating they have successfully completed the requirements of the internship. This letter may be emailed directly to the Program Director at da15@columbia.edu.
  • If a letter is not provided to the Program Director within two weeks of the last day of classes, in which the internship was completed, a grade of F will be recorded.
  • The student receives a pass or fail and no credit counting towards the degree program. 


Only unpaid internships are eligible and all unpaid internships must be in compliance with the appropriate laws and regulations. The student and employer are responsible for complying with the applicable labor laws and regulations. International students must also be in compliance with visa regulations. For any questions about this, please contact the ISSO Office. For more information, courtesy of the Center for Career Education, please make sure to thoroughly review this information: Unpaid and For-Credit Internships and Should you Consider an Unpaid Internship?