PhD Placement

A growing number of our students decide to pursue doctoral studies after graduation. Graduate placements of MA in Statistics alumni span several countries, institutions, and diverse  fields and disciplines. We offer research and faculty-led hands-on project opportunities to encourage students who are interested in advancing their academic and research pursuits. In particular,  the MA Mentored Research and select PhD level courses are open to all such students. Mentored Research is divided into small project sessions or can be used by students to work with an individual faculty member on a specific topic. Topics span various areas, ranging from Machine Learning and Data Science to specific problems in financial and medical research . Applications are reviewed by course faculty or the Director of the MA Program.

In addition, our students can apply for the department’s yearly Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) Conference Awards to present their work, network with statisticians in academia, industry, and government and participate in professional development opportunities. The award covers the full cost of conference registration and a portion of travel and lodging costs.


The MA2PHD Club, advised by professor Tian Zheng, is for MA students who have strong academic preparation and are planning to apply for a doctoral program after graduation. The club meets on a weekly basis and is a way for PhD bound students to connect and support one another as well as find out about relevant opportunities. Activities include student-led presentations of scientific papers and PhD application processes.

Our Fall PhD Information Session is open to all MA students. It is moderated by professors and advanced PhD students. The discussion revolves around topics relating to  academic preparation and career opportunities in research and the corporate world.

Alumni Profiles

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Graduates of the MA in Statistics program have been accepted into the following PhD programs:

2017 – 2019 (partial survey results)

Year School Program
2019 Vanderbilt University PhD in Biomedical Informatics
2019 Emory University PhD in Biostatistics
2019 The George Washington University PhD in Economics
2019 Penn State University PhD in Operations Research
2019 Penn State University Business School PhD in Marketing
2019 Purdue University PhD in Statistics
2019 Purdue University Business School PhD in Operations Research
2019 Rutgers University PhD in Statistics
2019 Teachers College, Columbia University PhD in Measurement & Evaluation
2019 The George Washington University PhD in Statistics
2019 The George Washington University PhD in Economics
2019 The University of Iowa Business School PhD in Management Science
2019 UCSB PhD in Statistics
2019 University of Illinois, Urbana – Champaign PhD in Industrial Engineering
2019 University of Southern California PhD in Finance
2018 University of Iowa PhD in Statistics
2017 Hong Kong University (HKU) PhD in Finance
2017 Johns Hopkins University PhD in Computer Science
2017 New York University PhD in Business
2017 University of Southern California PhD in Computational Biology


2013 – 2016

Year School Program
2015 Iowa State University PhD in Bioinformatics
2015 North Carolina State University PhD in Statistics
2015 Northwestern University PhD in IEMS
2015 University of Michigan PhD in Statistics
2015 University of Alabama, Huntsville PhD in Applied Math
2014 Columbia University PhD in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
2014 Johns Hopkins University PhD in Epidemiology
2014 Virginia Tech PhD in Statistics
2012 Cornell University PhD in Statistics