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New Students

Congratulations and welcome to the Department of Statistics!

Many of your questions will be answered by reading this:  New Student FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)  or New Hybrid Student FAQs.

International students are advised to visit the ISSO COVID-19 FAQs

Here are your essential next steps:

Follow the requirements provided in the lists above to avoid delays in registration or potential penalties.  Note that pre-registration for new students will occur in late August.

Here are helpful resources:

Tuition and Fees

  • After you register for classes and the appropriate RU (residence unit), you will be charged tuition and fees.  Please read about this HERE.

All Academic Certifications and Proof of Enrollment

If official proof of student enrollment or graduation is required by an employer or another entity, please visit the Office of the University Registrar.  Current matriculated students can request enrollment certification via SSOL.  For academic certification, an official document provided by the University Registrar verifying dates of attendance, award of degree, and/or student status (full-time or part-time) by semester, please visit the Office of the University Registrar:  Certifications

Deadlines:  Last Day to Drop or Change to R Grade or Pass/Fail

During the semester there are important dates to remember including the LAST DAY to DROP COURSES and the LAST DAY for R Grade & PASS/FAIL.

The deadlines for half- semester courses are different.  GSAS policy for dropping half-semester courses is that it must be dropped within the first two weeks, as this is in proportion to the drop deadline for full-semester courses.  The deadline to take a half-semester course for Pass/Fail or for R credit is the first day of the fifth week of the course.

Grading System:  Good Academic Standing, R Grade, Pass/Fail

Rules and deadlines regarding grading and required courses/electives are strictly followed.

    • Courses taken for R or Pass/Fail do not count towards the MA Statistics degree.
    • Core classes may not be taken for R or P/F.
    • Click HEREfor further details on the “Pass/Fail” grade.
    • Not all courses are eligible for either P/F or R.
      • For P/F, check in SSOL to see if the course is eligible for Pass/Fail and select.
      • R grades must be approved by the course instructor.  You must make an arrangement with the instructor.
    • Click HERE for further details on the “R” grade.

The Faculty Adviser should be notified before the status of a course is changed.

    • Students are not allowed to re-register for a course to improve letter grade.  (The only exception would be for a Grade of F which must be approved by the Program Director or the MA Program Executive Director, as well as the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.)

Only students with a G.P.A. of 3.0 or above can graduate from the MA Program.  

Leaves of Absence, Withdrawals, and Reinstatement


University-owned housing is very limited and most MA students do not receive housing. To apply for University housing, follow the directions at University Apartment Housing (UAH). Information about types of housing, leases, and location of University housing is available on the UAH website. Incoming master’s students granted housing are limited to one year of housing and must be enrolled full-time in both semesters. 

It is highly recommended to take advantage of Columbia’s Off-Campus Housing Assistance (OCHA) Office which provides assistance in renting housing in New York City, as well as a bulletin board to search for prospective roommates who are Columbia students.  It is best to reach out to OCHA at least a few weeks before housing is required.  For further information, please refer to the GSAS Student Housing website.

Student Email Communication Policy

Columbia University has established email as an official means of communication with students. An official Columbia University email address is required for all students. The University has the right to send official communications to the University email address, which is based upon the University Network ID (UNI) assigned to the student. The University expects that every student will receive email at his or her Columbia University email address and will read email on a frequent and consistent basis.

A student’s failure to receive and read University communications in a timely manner does not absolve that student from knowing and complying with the content of such communications. Students may elect to redirect (auto-forward) email sent to their University email address. Students who redirect email from their official University email address to another address do so at their own risk. If email is lost as a result of forwarding, it does not absolve the student from the responsibilities associated with communications sent to their official University email address.

Email Forwarding

Information about forwarding email from Lionmail can be found HERE.  Send questions to the Service Desk at askcuit@columbia.edu or 212-854-1919. 

Email use must be consistent with other Columbia University policies including the Email Usage Policy.  Learn more.

International Students


The International Students and Scholars Office is the top resource in terms of all visa issues. The ISSO office has telephone and walk-in advisory hours.  Email:  isso@columbia.edu.  Morningside Contact Information.

Information on how to invite family and friends for Graduation or for other events is HERE.

Student Employment information can be found HERE.

CPT – Curricular Practical Training for International MA in Statistics Students

OPT – Optional Practical Training for International MA in Statistics Students

    • Detailed information on pre-graduation OPT can be found HERE on the ISSO Website.
    • Detailed information on post-graduation OPT can be found HERE on the ISSO Website. 
    • Current MA Statistics students can find out how to receive Department Approval as the first step in their formal application for OPT by reading the weekly MA Statistics Newsletter.
    • Details on the OPT extension for students with STEM degrees can be found HERE.
    • The ISSO calendar can be found HERE.

ALP – American Language Program

This program is recommended for MA Statistics students who will be seeking employment in the U.S. Besides technical abilities, employers look for candidates with excellent communication skills.

The following three courses are available to all Columbia University students.  Students who register for one full Residence Unit (1RU) or one full Extended Residence Unit (1 ER) will not have to pay tuition for a course as long as the total points taken in one semester do not exceed 20.  Expect to pay nominal out-of-pocket activities/materials fees, however.

Please note the early deadlines to apply for these courses and see below for how to apply as an MA student.*

*Current MA Statistics students can write to Joel Chaffee at jc3303@columbia.edu with the following information:

    1.  Last Name, First Name
    2.  UNI
    3.  Class choice.  (Where applicable, be specific as to AM or PM section.)
    4. Please indicate that you are an M.A. Statistics student.

Mr. Chaffee will assign an online placement test for you.

More details on the American Language Program can be found here.

The Chazen English Program 

  • Information on the Chazen English program at the Columbia Business School can be found here.

The Columbia College Writing Center

Available to MA Statistics students.  This is a free service that is extremely helpful for anyone preparing written career materials or academic writing.  Excellent written communication is critical for your success in the job search.  This service will not provide career advice, but will check grammar and content. Find details here.

More English Language Practice Opportunities

HERE is a listing of institutions in New York City which offer English language instruction and conversation.  Call or email for details.   Share your feedback with the Department by writing:  maprogram@stat.columbia.edu.