facultyFaculty Advisers

Partnership with the Faculty Adviser is designed to ensure that students matriculate successfully and plan course work that will lead to graduation.  All students are assigned a Faculty Adviser before new student course registration begins. 

The assigned Faculty Adviser is here to support students academic goals in the program but students are responsible for reaching out as needed throughout the semester. Students should email as needed by setting up an appointment in advance. Students should review their academic course program before the start of each semester with their assigned Faculty Adviser. The Faculty Adviser is a student’s primary source for conversations about:

  • Academic and course advising and selection – including sequencing on required classes and review of electives
  • Any concerns about a student’s academic standing in the program (grades, missing exams, prolonged illness, etc.)
  • if it’s appropriate to take more than 4 courses per semester (primarily important during the first semester in the program when we recommend no more than 4 courses taken)
  • Reviewing the MA Program Course Checklist  prior to submitting a graduation clearance form. Please note: this form is not required to be submitted but can be used as a helpful guide to keep track of program planning coursework. For students who started Fall 2016, click here. For students starting Fall 2017, click here
  • Any other matter that may affects one’s academic standing in the MA Program