Alumni of the Statistics Department

Adji Bousso Dineg

Adji Bousso Dieng

Adji Bousso Dieng, Ph.D. in Statistics 2019
Current title: Assistant Professor, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Princeton University

Career Highlights:

  • Generative modeling branch of machine learning expert
  • First Black female faculty member in the history of SEAS and the first Black faculty member ever in the Department of Computer Science (COS) at Princeton University
  • AI Researcher at Google Brain

Yixin Wang

Yixin Wang, Ph.D. in Statistics 2019
Current title: LSA Collegiate Fellow, University of Michigan

“My research centers around developing practical and trustworthy machine learning algorithms for large datasets that can enhance scientific understandings and inform daily decision-making.”

Amal Moussa

Amal Moussa

Amal Moussa, Ph.D. in Statistics 2011
Equity Derivatives Trader, Goldman Sachs

“I currently work as a derivatives trader at Goldman Sachs where I am in charge of trading and risk managing equity exotic options and structured products on US stocks.”

“During my Ph.D. I studied contagion and systemic risk in financial networks to highlight the importance of the network structure in identifying systemic financial institutions and formulating regulatory policies.

“The Ph.D. program offered me the possibility to work with experts in the fields of Statistics and Financial Mathematics through a diverse range of classes and research projects, and most importantly gave me the opportunity to meet and collaborate with amazing classmates and faculty.”

Johannes Ruf

Johannes Ruf, PhD

Johannes Ruf, Ph.D. in Statistics 2011
Current title: Assistant Professor, London School of Economics

Career Highlights

  • First Annual Morgan Stanley Prize for Excellence in Financial Markets (dissertation prize)
  • Bruti-Liberati Fellowship: For visiting the Economics and Finance Department of University of Technology, Sydney and for giving the Bruti-Liberati Lecture at the QMF Conference (December 2013).
  • Senior Research Fellow, Oxford-Man Institute, University of Oxford, 2011-2014
  • Ph.D. at Columbia Statistics = Learning insights in Statistics and Probability from an excellent, very motivated faculty and from fellow students, making friends for life, experiencing NYC.

Tyler H. McCormick

Tyler H. McCormick, Ph.D. in Statistics 2011
Current title: Associate Professor of Statistics & Sociology, Senior Data Science Fellow, University of Washington
 Career Highlights:

  • NIH K01 Career Development Award
  • US Army Young Investigator Program Award
  • Google Faculty Award


List of Placements

Name Placement Year
Rohit Patra University of Florida 2016
Benjamin Reddy University of British Columbia 2017
Haolei Weng Michigan State University 2017
Christopher Dolan Touchpoint Software 2018
David Hirshberg Stanford University 2018
Feihan Lu Upstart 2018
Gonzalo Esteban Mena University of Oxford 2018
Leo Neufcourt UC Santa Barbara 2018
Lisha Qiu Virtu Financial 2018
Phyllis Wan Erasmus School of Economics 2018
Susanna Makela Google 2018
Swupnil Sahai SwingVision,Mangolytics 2018
Timothy Jones Bank of America 2018
Yang Kang D.E. Shaw 2018
Adji Bousso Dieng Princeton University 2019
Florian Stebegg Two Sigma 2019
Gabriel Loazia -Ganem Layer 6 AI 2019
Jin Hyung (Peter) Lee CTRL-LABS/Facebook 2019
Jing Wu Point72 2019
Jonathan Auerbach George Mason University 2019
Kashif Yousuf Google 2019
Morgane Austern Harvard University 2019
Shuaiwen Wang Facebook 2019
Yayun (Lydia) Hsu NBC Universal 2019
Yixin Wang University of Michigan 2019
Guanhua Fang Baidu Research 2020
Hok Kan (Brian) Ling Queens University 2020
Milad Bakhshizadeh Stanford University 2020
Promit Ghosal MIT 2020
Rishabh Dudeja Harvard University 2020
Sihan Huang Squarepoint Capital 2020
Wenda Zhou New York University 2020


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