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The Statistics major is an appropriate background for graduate work, including doctoral studies in statistics, social science, public health, genetics, health policy, epidemiology, marketing, opinion polling, economics, finance and banking, government, drug development, and insurance.

Statistics is the art and science of study design and data analysis. Probability theory is the mathematical foundation for the study of statistical methods and for the modeling of random phenomena.

The Ph.D. program prepares students for research careers in probability and statistics in academia and industry.

The Department of Mathematics jointly with Department of Statistics at Columbia University offers a track of its Master of Arts in Mathematics with specialization in the Mathematics of Finance.

The Department of Statistics offers free statistical consulting to the Columbia community. We help on the design, analysis, and interpretation of studies.

The Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences program trains students to apply quantitative methods to social problems as they arise in business, government, and nonprofit organizations, and provides a strong foundation for those who go on to doctoral programs in the social sciences.

The M.A. in Statistics program prepares students for careers in finance, healthcare analytics, environmental science, and other data-intensive fields.

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